Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lovely London Things #2: A Sunday (!) Photo of the Weird and Wonderful Things I See

Du Cane Court, Balham High Road: My friend lives near this Art Deco 1930's apartment block, at one time the largest privately-owned block of apartments under one roof in Europe.
The interesting thing about it is that it was one of the few buildings in the vicinity to survive the German bombings during World War 2. It has been suggested that Hitler planned to use this building as his future headquarters, and also that the Luftwaffe used it as a navigational aid when flying over London.
It has hosted a variety of famous theatre and musical personalities over the years, with the most famous resident currently Arthur Smith and Christopher Luscombe.
It's possible to rent a one-bedroom flat here for a mere £1560 per month.


  1. This urban legend was scuppered long ago, most notably by Steve Punt in a Radio 4 show

    And as an owner of three flats in DCC I can assure you that one-beds are available for much, much less than that!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Ian - I must listen to that Radio 4 clip - I love urban legends and a bit of quirkiness. I found the price of a one-bed on the Foxton's website yesterday, so unless it's changed dramatically since then, the price is still correct. Glad to hear it's possible to get cheaper flats there- it looks like a beautiful place to live.