Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Book to Read When Treasure-Hunting

Posted By Daisy

HAPPINESS IS….browsing a vintage car boot sale on the South Bank on a crisp, sunny Saturday morning with tea and a jam crumpet in hand.

There were scary plastic dolls, authentic vintage bus blinds (£80) and French grain sack tote bags (£40).
There were vintage suitcases and faded props from the circus.
I bought a beautiful gold-rimmed, mint-green milk jug and sugar bowl, as well as some matching cups and saucers from Willacy Whimsy's stall.

How innovative are these blank notebooks made from the covers of old Ladybird books?
My brothers had a similar painting in their bedroom when we were very young. The boy's eyes would follow us around the room. Years later, I was fascinated to learn about the creepy story behind the mass produced 'Crying Boy' paintings.
I've found my dream car. Better get that best-selling novel started during NaNoWriMo.

All vendors were obliged to sell their goods from the back of vintage cars. How lovely!
Heft by Liz Moore
Elevator Pitch: A housebound, lonely, obese man rekindles an ancient friendship via a letter and his life begins to change for the better. But how does anyone ever end up like this in the first place?
It's 'Wonder' by RJ Palacio meets the 1980 'The Elephant Man' movie.
It's like no other book I've read before and I LOVED it. Although my mum found it a bit depressing, I couldn't agree and was HOOKED from beginning to end.

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