Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Books to Read When Baby, It's Cold Outside

Posted By Daisy

you are doing great
AT DINNERTIME yesterday, a little boy I know laughed so hard that milk came back up his feeding tube from his tummy, and overflowed out the top of the funnel. Everyone in the kitchen laughed with him, and for the next few minutes we sang the funny song ('Wild Thing') and cracked up as we watched his delighted gasps push the milk levels up again.
Despite the numerous curveballs that life has thrown at him, that boy never stops laughing. It was the loveliest moment of the day.


As an antidote to the recent grey days, and the dread of the next few wintery months - being spat out of packed, steamy tubes into the dark, rainy evenings for a shivery trudge home, wrapped in scarves and gloves and wet wool coats - I recommend the following books:

This book is for 'instant moral fibre' and there is a selection of poems for every eventuality e.g. Breakups, Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down, Love etc. When in doubt, read Wendy Cope or Dorothy Parker - they make misery funny.

'The Happiness Project' is a book-length-gee-up to remind yourself to 'Quit Slacking and Make Things Happen', and even provides practical tips on how to do so. I haven't picked up the book in a long time, but find Gretchen Rubin's daily happiness quotes and monthly newsletter fascinating.

And if all else fails, settle down and watch re-runs of 'Murder She Wrote' while eating freshly baked banana bread dripping in butter, accompanied by a large mug of tea and a tartan blanket. Works for me anyway.


  1. I was hoping for a little more sun before Autumn and certainly a few more bright days before the dreaded Winter! Think I'll try the Gretchen Ruben book though, always good to get a nudge in the right direction : )

  2. Well the sun is back now Amanda so I think I was a bit premature talking about winter!! The Happiness Project is great- it's one of the few books that came in my suitcase to London with me last year- nice to dip in and out of- hope alls good with you:)

  3. I recently finished Daisy's selection, taking a poem a day like a food supplement or a breath of fresh air. Did the same to great consolation and joy with the Lifelines series a while back

  4. I completely agree GerardAnthonyB- it's a balm to the soul- I've had that book for about ten years and use it regularly- esp maya Angelou 'I rise' and Derek Walcott 'sit feast on your life'- I must check out lifelines, thanks for the suggestion:) Daisy