Saturday, 10 August 2013

A book to read after you've had an epiphany

Posted by Jenny
I had an epiphany last night. I realized that I had reached a milestone. Daisy and I went out to a lovely wine bar, because she’ll be leaving for London soon. By choice, I hasten to add! She’s taking a year out to do something different. I’m delighted for her, but I’ll miss her terribly….

Anyway. Wine bar! She had some sort of bubbly wine, which name I don’t know how to spell. Not that it matters because they wouldn’t pay me for the advertising if I got the name right. I drank cappuccino. I got a biscuit with it, that I ignored and we ordered a cheese platter. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so it was lovely to catch up before she takes off.

Daisy doesn’t have kids. I do. So does her sister. This is where my epiphany lies. She was telling me about how her niece and nephew were doing. They’re a good bit smaller than mine and absolutely adorable. (I’ve never met them, but I’ve seen the photos) Incidentally she told me that her sister was due to go back to work and was looking forward to being able to have lunch BREAKS. And it hit me like a ton of bricks!

My hubby and I were recently able to take all three to the cinema without one of us having to leave half way through because number three wouldn’t stop vocalizing her displeasure for being expected to sit for longer than five minutes. Instead she enjoyed the experience!

I realized that I don’t feel like Mumzilla all the time anymore. I still do on occasion, but it is no longer a permanent state of being requiring constant suppression. I no longer blame my husband for him not being the one leaving the hospital with his private parts stitched together.

I am able to sometimes make blue pancakes because it’s fun. I no longer have to rely on Peppa Pig or Scooby Doo to be able to go to the toilet. Mind, I still at times have a screaming three year old trying to break down the door “MUUUUMMMMMYYYYY WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!” (she knows damn well!) My reply: “I’m on the moon.” Silence – a giggle: “No you’re not.” Then she makes a decision “You’re silly.” See! I can think outside the box again!

Conclusion? It gets better. Counting to ten gets easier! I remember realizing for the first time that I hadn’t had an imprint of a little mouth on my skirt in a while. Or that I didn’t have to return home in a panic because I forgot a spare soother.

I went home yesterday feeling a little elated. Although it could have been the two cappuccinos I had.

And on that note, I am not recommending a book. I am recommending a newspaper! I haven’t read a newspaper in a long time. I am going to sit in the living room on the couch. During the day. With a cup of tea. And I am going to make an effort to read the whole thing and finish my cuppa!

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